Environmental Impact Assessment

Apply Environmental Impact Assessment

Document needed from investor

  • 1. Production Process
  • 2. Plant design drawing plan (Davicons Service available)
  • 3. Workshop design & machine emission drawing (Davicons Service available)
  • 4. wastewater, emissions, dust treatment solutions & drawing(HALO & VietNhat Environment Service available)
  • 5. Wastewater, rainwater discharge drawing (Davicons Service available)
  • 6. Hazardous waste, domestic garbage treatment solutions (Davicons Service available)
  • 7. Investment Registration Certificate
  • 8. Enterprise registration certificate
  • 9. Infrastructure connection
  • 10. Land Lease Contract

Dossier of application

  • 1. Application form for EIA report assessment
  • 2. Feasibility study report or economic-technical report or equivalent documents
  • 3. EIA reports

Inspection and confirmation of completion of environment protection works

  • 1. Application form for inspection and confirmation of completion of environment protection works
  • 2.On performance of environment protection works of the project, enclosed with the monitoring result during commissioning process and the as-build documents of completed environment protection works
  • 3. Copy of the decision on approval enclosed with the copy of the approved EIA report
  • 4. Notice of inspection result of commissioning of waste treatment works of the project issued by the environmental protection authority of province