Ham Kiem 2 IP


Project Description

Ham kiem 2 industrial park in Binh Thuan

Land price: 38-45USD/m2  

The duration is until 2058 

Incentives on tax:

The taxable income tax of enterprises will be exempted for 02 years and 8.5% tax rate for subsequent 04 years. Then, 17% for 4 years continuously from the availability of taxable incomes. The normal income tax rate is 20% now for enterprises.

Ham Kiem 2 industrial park can accept the manufacturer who has electroplating in processes. Specially, one-stop service is available for invester.

The distance between Ham Kiem 2 IP and:

    – Road junction Phan Thiet of North–South expressway : 2 km

    – Capital city Phan Thiet for tourism : 9km

Ham Kiem 2 industrial park is located in Binh Thuan province which is developed by Bita’s company, and it is appoint Viet Nhat company to introduce industrial park for investor. The total area of industrial park is included industrial land 433 hectare, and 31.2 hectare for multiple functions and services zone. Ham Kiem 2 industrial park will become a new hot spot after the North–South expressway is completed.

1.The total population in Binh Thuan province is around 1,360,000.

2.Southwest part of Binh Thuan province is connect to BRVD province, where the Cai Mep international deep-water port is located in.

3.West part of Binh Thuan province is connected with Dong Nai province where the new international airport Long Thanh is under construction.

4.North part connects to Da Dat province, which is a famous tourist spot and one of the biggest, best place for planting flower and fruit in Vietnam.

5.The main city of Binh Thuan province is called as Phan Thiet City, which has Chinatown inside. Easier to get workers, who have different language skill.

6.There are several famous tourist part in Binh Thuan province also. For example, Mui Ne beach, white sand land, Cham historic ruins…and so on.

7.The industrial park is belong to level III area, and the monthly salary is 3,430,000vnd, around $150usd.

8.Than Thiet university has cooperated with 115 companies already, and the university provide 763 well-knowledge student for enterprise in 2019.

        -Department of Foreign language, technology of vehicle, business management, financial law, international trading…etc. 

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