Dat Do IP


Project Description

Dat Do industrial park (2000 hectare) in BRVT province

Land price: 55-60USD/m2

The duration is until 2059


Incentives on tax:

The taxable income tax of enterprises will be exempted for 02 years and 50% off for subsequent 04 years.


Dat do industrial park can accept the manufacturer who has electroplating in processes.


The distance between Dat Do industrial park and :

 Cai Mep internation deep-water port: 30km

Tan San Nhat Airport : 100 km

 Long Thanh international airport: 54km

Ho Chi Minh City :    85 km

Dong Nai province :   45 km

Ba Ria city :         12 km

Vung Tau city :       25 km

ho tram resort :      15 km

Ba Ria Vung Tau province (BRVT) has a state-supported superior and advantages from geographical location, including land, sea, and air.


BRVT is closed to Ho Chi Minh city (Tan Son Nhat international airport and North–South expressway), Cai Mep international deep-water port, and Long Thanh international airport which is planned to complete in 2025.


Since the French times in Vietnam, Ba Ria Vung Tau province has been known as a tourist spot. Right now, it is not only devote to develop tourism industry but also the gas industry. The development of industrial sector in BRVT is expected.


The total population in BRVT province is 1,150,000 and it has abundant education resources, including 4 universities (local university and campus of university in HCMC and HN) and 2 higher vocational school. All help enterprises to get well-knowledge and skillful workers.


The industrial park is belong to level III area, and the monthly salary is 3,430,000vnd, around $150usd.

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