Aurora IP


Project Description

Highly recommend @Vietnam Nam Dinh province-AURORA industrial park

  • Special IP for Textiles industry ONLY

  • Basic salary is in level III, 3,430,000VND/month(about $15usd/month)

  • Expected water supply for 170,00m3/day, wastewater treatment for 110,000m3/day.


  • Land price: 55-60USD/m2

  • Land duration is until 2065


 The distance between AURORA IP and:

  • Ha noi noi bai international airport 150Km

  • Cat bi international airport 145Km

  • Hai phong international port 140Km

  • Cai lan international port 200Km

  • Nam dinh city 50Km

  • Ninh Binh city 40Km

  • Ha noi city 130Km


  •  Incentives on tax:

Corporation income tax:

Apply CIT rate of 10% for the period of 15 years, tax exemption for no more than 4 years, and eligible for 50% reduction in tax for no more than the next 9 years.


Service hotline:

Tel : +8493 7501801

WeChat ID:kcn-88

Line ID : kcn-88

Email :